Immense Images and the GigaPan ©

Translights - Studio Backdrops - Stock Images

Faced with producing a studio backdrop the length of an American football pitch at 360 feet and a height of 55 feet, Immense Images photographer Allan Staley turned to his newest favourite “bit of kit”, the GigaPan ©

The GigaPan © is a robotic mount system which is capable of producing massive image files. As a result, Immense Images can be used to print enormous translights or give infinite cropping potential to produce the right studio backdrop for your production. 

Immense Images photographer Allan Staley works on individual commissions using the GigaPan © and is also building up a library of stock images. The system works for any large fomat image but is ideal for panoramic scenes such as city scapes and also the interior of buildings.     

As for that enormous studio backdrop, check out the result of that incredible project on the trailer for “A Good Day to Diehard”, the latest Diehard movie starring Bruce Willis which is out in February 2013.