Translights - Scenic Backdrops -  Stock Image Library  

  • Translights (translites) for major feature films.
  • Printed scenic studio backdrops for TV dramas, quiz, comedy and news studios.
  • Film backings and translights (translites) for advertising commercials.

Immense images are all suitable for large scale printing enabling production designers and art directors free range to choose the size and subject matter for their translights (translites) for TV and film backdrops.

Large format pictures from Immense Images are used by interior designers in numerous applications and are used as:

  • Scenic backdrops in restaurants
  • in exhibition stand design
  • Building wraps

Anything can be wrapped by an Immense Image. When the London department store Harrods was being renovated, 15 images of the frontage were stitched together to create a building wrap 198 metres long. 


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